ThetaHealing® Leaders Announce Professional Member Organization

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Vianna Stibal, founder of the alternative healing arts modality ThetaHealing, has joined forces with Marina Rose, Ph.D., executive director of School of DNA Theta Healing to form the International Theta Healing Association™ (ITHA), a professional support network for 220,000 plus trained ThetaHealing professionals worldwide.

ThetaHealing, developed by Stibal in 1995, is set to become one of the fastest growing alternative health treatments in the United States and abroad. ITHA’s mission is to preserve the integrity and quality of ThetaHealing by setting forth a unified standard of study and code of ethics for practice and to provide the public with a verified ThetaHealing referral service through its online searchable database of trained ThetaHealing professionals and schools worldwide.

“We are excited about the launch of ITHA,” says Co-Founder Rose. “It allows us to strengthen support to current ThetaHealing professionals, while also fostering knowledge and growth of ThetaHealing to newcomers as well. We feel both ThetaHealing professionals and the general public will benefit greatly from the services that ITHA provides.”

ITHA is endorsed and regulated by Stibal, Nature’s Path and The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® (THInK). ITHA membership benefits for ThetaHealing professionals include legal services, assistance with incorporation, liability insurance, marketing services, educational retreats, conferences and access to group health insurance.
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