School of DNA Theta Healing® Offers Manifesting & Abundance Seminar

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Marina Rose, founder of School of DNA Theta Healing® announces they will be offering a September class of their “Manifesting & Abundance Theta Healing Seminar.” It will be held at their Santa Monica location on Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22.
"The movie The Secret was so wonderful because it revealed the law of attraction to the masses that they could manifest,” explains Rose. “However, the movie does have information gaps in it. When I teach the seminar, I cover those gaps and break it down so students can realize tangible results in their manifestations.”
The School of DNA Theta Healing offers all 14 Seminar Modules required for the attainment of the Practitioner Certification of Theta Healing. The Basic seminar is their most popular module and is offered on a regular basis. According to Rose, “The Basic Theta Healing Seminar is about learning the technique while learning how to heal yourself and others. The next sequential module is Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar, and it is about cultivating a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the modality and the limitlessness of it, while learning more applications of it. Both of these seminars are prerequisites for the Manifesting & Abundance Theta Healing Seminar.”
The School of DNA Theta Healing is located at 2210 Main St., Ste. 300, Santa Monica. For more information, call 310-358-2991, email or visit
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