Eliminate Sugar Addiction with The Sugar Cure

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Duane Law, L.Ac., a veteran naturopath and acupuncturist, is presenting “The Sugar Cure,” a free lecture on the addictive nature of sugar and what you can do about it. The event will take place on Thursday, July 25 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Westwood Wellness Center, located at 1001 Gayley Ave., Suite 104, Los Angeles.

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Six Ways to Eat Safe

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by Melinda Hemmelgarn
Hot fun in the summertime begins with fresh, sweet and savory seasonal flavors brought to life in al fresco gatherings with family and friends. As the popularity of farmers’ markets and home gardening surges onward, it’s time to feast on the tastiest produce, picked ripe from America’s farms and gardens for peak flavor and nutrition.
Similar to raising a sun umbrella, learning where food comes from and how it’s produced provides the best protection against getting burned. Here’s the latest on some of the season’s hottest food issues to help families stay safe and well nourished. 

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Relishing Raw Food

by Beth Bader

Supermodel Carol Alt on How Eating Raw Keeps Her Vibrant
Carol Alt characterizes the latest stage of her 30-plus-year career as a “perfect storm of busy,” including the launch of her latest book, Easy Sexy Raw, her roles in the premiere of Woody Allen’s film, To Rome with Love and the HBO documentary, About Face, exploring the relationship between physical appearance and the business of beauty. For the past year, she’s been overseeing the U.S. launch of her skin care line, Raw Essentials.

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Letter from Publisher

Now that the summer solstice has transpired and summer is once again upon us, my thoughts turn to the carefree July days of my youth growing up in the Wyoming Valley, nestled among the Poconos. Since the Susquehanna winds through “the valley,” this poem naturally caught my eye.
Ironically, as you learn from the poem, the author had never actually fished the river, nor had he ever desired to, for that matter. Coincidentally, I cannot lay claim to the venture either. The Susquehanna River, at least at it winds through our valley was—and I believe still is—quite polluted due to anthracite mine subsidence and raw sewage disposal from decades long ago. Only those with a particular penchant for the delicacy that is carp would bother fishing this particular body of water; however, I do have fond memories of fishing Harvey’s Lake and many bobbling brooks of the Poconos for trout, bass and perch.

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Free “Lunch ‘n Learn” Event Takes the Mystery out of Facebook

Facebook Logo_download
Naturally LA Marketing Solutions announces its July Lunch ‘n Learn is slated for Thursday, July 25. The monthly events offer business people and practitioners the opportunity to learn how to better promote their businesses. According to Todd Davis, publisher of Natural Awakenings Los Angeles, “You buy your own lunch and we’ll deliver actionable marketing and promotional tools you can leverage to drive new traffic to your business.” 
Julia Flint, principal of Social Media Marketing Insider and July’s presenter will cover Facebook, the world’s largest social media website. 
Event details are listed below:
When: Thursday, July 25 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
Where: Coffee Co., 8751 La Tijera (@ Sepulveda), Westchester
Topic: Facebook Fascination
Presented by: Julia Flint
 If you’d like to attend the Lunch ‘n Learn, RSVP to Todd@NaturallyLA.com or call 310-562-6526. For more information on Natural Awakenings Los Angeles, visit NaturallyLA.com, and to learn more about Julia Flint, visit SocialMediaMarketingInsider.net.

Hot Stuff: New Technology Multiplies Solar Efficiency

There is huge potential in solar power, but our current methods of capturing the sun’s energy are limited as widely used silicon solar cells approach their theoretical limit of 33.7 percent efficiency. Now a Princeton University research team has applied nanotechnology principles to incorporate a design that significantly increases their efficacy.
Led by Stephen Chou, the team has made two dramatic improvements: reducing reflectivity and more effectively capturing the light that isn’t reflected. The new solar cell is much thinner and less reflective, capturing many more light waves via a minute mesh, and bouncing off only about 4 percent of direct sunlight. The new design is capable of capturing a large amount of sunlight even when it’s cloudy, producing an 81 percent increase in efficiency even under indirect lighting conditions.

Cowabunga Dude: All-Natural Boards Bring Sustainability to Surfing

Surfers count themselves among the most ardent environmentalists. Yet their sport is awash in petrochemicals and carcinogens, from neoprene wetsuits and urethane surfboard leashes to polyurethane boards and epoxy resins.
So surfboard shaper Danny Hess is adopting salvaged woods, natural finishes and organic resins to transform how they are made. His boards are built to last, an anomaly in a sport in which enthusiasts’ boards may break once or twice every season. He uses Super Sap, the first U.S. Department of Agriculture BioPreferred Certified liquid epoxy resin, and is experimenting with organic foam and salvaged redwood in seeking to build a truly green surfboard.

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Eco-House: Green Homes Can be a Bargain

One of the most innovative, energy-efficient houses in the United States has been built in the District of Columbia’s working-class Deanwood neighborhood, which has struggled with foreclosures. The Empowerhouse, a residence that produces all of its own energy, consumes 90 percent less energy for heating and cooling than a conventional dwelling.

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Sugary Drinks Linked to Heart Disease

One risk factor for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, may be sugary drinks. Analysis of data collected on 42,883 men in the “Health Professionals Follow-Up Study,” published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, linked a daily 12-ounce serving of a sugar-sweetened drink to a 19 percent increase in the relative risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Sugar-sweetened beverages were associated with higher levels of unhealthy triglycerides and C-reactive protein (a byproduct of inflammation), and lower levels of high-density lipoprotein, or HDL, the “good” cholesterol.
Senior study author Frank B. Hu, Ph.D., a physician and professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston, Massachusetts, cautions that diet sodas are not a good alternative. “Some studies have found a relationship between diet soda and metabolic disease,” he notes.

Resveratrol Can Aid Prostate Cancer Treatment

It’s already known that resveratrol, a compound found in grape skins and red wine, can improve cardiovascular health and help prevent strokes. Now a University of Missouri School of Medicine (Columbia) researcher has discovered that it can make prostate tumor cells more susceptible to radiation treatment, increasing the likelihood of a full recovery from all types of prostate cancer, including aggressive tumors.