Mac-n-Mo’s Treats Expands Retail Distribution


Mac-n-Mo’s, a vegan baked goods company committed to producing healthy treats for kids and adults, has nearly doubled their retail distribution. Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats can now be found in the refrigerated department of Lassens’ in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Simi Valley and Los Feliz; Mother’s Market with stores in Costa Mesa, Brea, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Woods, Santa Ana and Anaheim Hills; Co-Opportunity Natural Foods, Santa Monica; Erewhon Natural Foods in The Grove district, PC Greens, Malibu; Rainbow Acres, Marina Del Rey; Full of Life, Burbank; Maddy’s Market, Calabasas; and Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op.

Tony Horton’s Personal Chef Launches Cookbook

Karma Chow Cook Book

Melissa Costello, personal chef to celebrity fitness guru Tony Horton, creator of the highly popular workout system, P90X®, launches her debut cookbook, The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook: 125+ Plant-Based Vegan Recipes for a Fit, Happy, Healthy You, October 1. A Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, the Los Angeles-based Costello is founder of Karma Chow, a web-based TV show, and creator of The Vital Life Cleanse.

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Festive Holiday Recipes

Karma Chow Cook Book

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Los Angeles chef, nutritionist and wellness coach Melissa Costello offers up two healthy recipes sure to please your guests. Costello has just released her first cookbook.

Mashed Coconut Yams with Cardamom
This is one of my favorite holiday side dishes. My mom always made candied yams for the holidays, which were loaded with sugar and butter and oh so good, but this dish is much healthier and just as tasty. I love the creaminess of yams when you mash them up. It’s like eating candy!

Agape Celebrates 26 Years with Virtual Gala

NB_Image_Agape Virtual Gala_Michael B. Beckwith copy

The Agape International Spiritual Center will be hosting a virtual 26th Anniversary Gala on Friday, November 30 beginning at 7 p.m. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith will serve as host of “One Moment in Eternity.” Being a virtual event, attendees will join the streaming celebration online.

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IOBELLA Body-Shaping Spa Opens First US Location


IOBELLA, an innovative body-shaping spa exclusively for women, recently opened in downtown Santa Monica near Wilshire Boulevard and 5th Street. Originated in Switzerland and evolved in Italy and Argentina, the facility, owned by Roxana Lissa, is IOBELLA’s first ever location in the United States.

Transition into the New Year at Agape’s Meditation Retreat

ES_Image_Agape Meditat Rtrt_Madhavi Patel

Agape International Spiritual Center and Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith will be holding its 21st annual New Year’s Silent Meditation Retreat. This year’s retreat will be held from Saturday afternoon, December 29 until Tuesday afternoon, January 1 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. 

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Wash-Day Woes: Scented Products Pollute the Air

Some scents make no sense for personal or planetary health. Using scented laundry products can release harmful—even carcinogenic—pollutants into the air, report University of Washington researchers. Their findings, published online in the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, show that air vented from machines using the top-selling, scented, liquid laundry detergent and dryer sheet contains hazardous chemicals.

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Paying It Forward: Rachel Carson’s Legacy
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson’s seminal book, Silent Spring, which warned of the far-reaching dangers of deadly pesticides and was widely regarded as a catalyst for America’s conservation, clean air and water and environmental protection movements. Now author Laurie Lawlor and illustrator Laurie Beingessner bring her message to today’s youth in the children’s book, Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World.

Children Follow Adult Examples Enabling “We” Instead of “Me”

“If you want to be miserable, think about yourself. If you want to be happy, think of others.”

~ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
The phrase “connected kids” may describe youth consumed by Internet-dependent relationships. Yet these same young people still crave old-fashioned, face-to-face connections with the adults in their lives. With one parent or two, stepparents, a grandparent, aunts or uncles, older family friends, teachers and coaches—experience shows they all can help guide our children by showing the compassion that nurtures kids’ own caring instincts.

The Four Qualities of a True Statesman



What qualities should citizens look for in the next leader of the free world? What core criteria might voters consistently use to evaluate any legislative or other candidate running for political office?
Professor J. Rufus Fears, Ph.D., sets a high standard in articulating the yardstick by which we should measure leaders of either gender. As a noted scholar specializing in the history of freedom (, he emphasizes that the role of a politician and a statesman are not the same. A statesman, Fears attests, is a free leader of a free people and must possess four essential qualities.