More Americans are Eating Fresh

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It’s official: Americans are eating more fresh foods than they did five years ago. A recent survey of 800 U.S. adults by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation reports that more than 68 percent of respondents say they eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables than they did in 2007. Farmers’ markets and stands have attracted 70 percent of the survey participants, although only 14 percent regularly shop at such venues. More good news: 64 percent of the respondents agree that it’s very important that produce be grown in an environmentally friendly way and also important that the fruits and veggies be organic.


A Balanced Approach to Energy Management

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With the holidays approaching, a personal energy management system is more important than ever. While freelance writer Debra Melani brings to our attention that exercise, not coffee or energy drinks is where one should look to gain access to one’s “power” source, it is good to expand our awareness about energy and understand that it first comes from within. While exercise induced vitality is a positive weapon against fatigue and stress, as with artificial drinks and supplements, too much can be harmful and possibly deadly. We live in an over stimulated and fast-paced society, looking for an extra edge. Boundaries are critical to energy balance. The lack of boundaries today is evident in the increasing obesity rate and addictions. Why not hit the pause button and look at what is out of balance in your life that is causing energy leaks. Energy should not be something we have to think about. Have you ever watched a cat? They rest, eat, and play. One minute they are curled up in a ball; the next minute they are running around, faster than you can catch them. Are they thinking, gosh…I need to figure out a way to have more energy? No, they are balance in its purist form.  

Staying Healthy Naturally Top Cold and Flu Fighters for Children

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With the onset of school, parents are stocking up on essentials, including at-home remedies to help keep kids healthy this winter. Natural Awakenings has compiled several leading experts’ best tips.

Green and Yellow Produce
Dr. James Balch, a leading natural health expert, urologist and pioneering author in healing nutrition, recommends menus rich in colored fruits and vegetables filled with carotenes. “These foods are potent antioxidants, help with immune function and are involved with the growth and repair of tissues,” he writes. For picky eaters, serve crispy carrot sticks, buttery sweet potatoes and juicy apples.

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Cardio Buzz Trade Energy Snack-Attacks for a Daily Dose of Exercise


Energy is a hot commodity today, with online ads and storefront posters for so-called energy products shouting, “Feel the rush,” “Revitalize your mind,” and “Re-think the way you re-energize.” People are reaching for these artificial jolts in record numbers, but many buzz-seekers don’t realize they have free access to a much better energy shot: exercise. 

Experts across the board agree that we would be wise to trade in our lattes and high-calorie power bars for a regular lunch-hour walk, because of the many happier returns exercise provides. 

Natural Awakenings’ Family of Franchises is Thriving

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Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. (NAPC) recently welcomed a large group of new publishers that completed an October training program at corporate headquarters in Naples, Florida. The NAPC training staff spent several days with the entrepreneurs now launching new Natural Awakenings territories or taking over the production of existing magazines in locales across the nation. New markets include Syracuse, New York; Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; Baltimore, Maryland; and Hudson County, New Jersey. Existing franchises with new publishers at the helm include San Antonio, Texas; Bergen County and Somerset, New Jersey; Roanoke, Virginia; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Long Island, New York.

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Downtown on Ice Celebrates 15th Season

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Celebrating its 15th season, Downtown on Ice outdoor skating rink opens for the holiday season this month at picturesque Pershing Square. The facility is open every day (including holidays) beginning November 15 through January 21. Downtown on Ice offers the city’s lowest admission price of just $6 for admission and $2 for skate rental.

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Fashion a Passion-Driven Life Realize Your Purpose and Feed Your Soul

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In the midst of uncertainties, many are asking “What am I here for?”
Three years ago, Cindy Readnower felt as if work was swallowing her life. As a single mom with two sons to support and two franchise restaurants to run in Sarasota, Florida, she routinely would get up at 4 a.m. and go to bed after midnight. She didn’t see enough of her boys. “I never had a free moment to just shut down and think about what I really wanted,” she recalls.
Then the economy collapsed, forcing her to shutter her businesses, file for bankruptcy and consult with a career counselor to plan her next steps. Today, at 57, she’s working as a life coach and business consultant and as she puts it, living the life she is meant to live.

Eight Great Quick and Healthy Snacks

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These are easy to-go snacks, which require a little planning preparation but not much. I use snap top containers or small Ziploc baggies and place them in an insulated bag. It’s great to keep these snacks on hand for those snack-craving emergencies.

For crunchier cravings:
#1. Hummus and radishes.
Radishes offer a nice change of pace and are a great detox, too. Note: If you buy the hummus, look for lower sodium and as few ingredients as possible. Some brands add lots of scary non-food additives. 

Powerful Energy Boosters Daily Tips with Staying Power

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Many Americans occasionally complain of having a lack of energy, and for some it’s a daily experience. Low energy levels can arise from a number of underlying factors, but poor diet and ongoing stress are the most likely culprits.

Eat Right
A consistently healthy diet can be the missing key ingredient to maintaining high energy in the long term, along with short-term energy dips. A diet featuring antioxidant-rich vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, low-fat proteins and healthy fats will not only keep energy levels high, it’s also essential to long-term health, according to Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Green Festival Returns to LA Convention Center

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Green Festival, the nation's largest and most diverse sustainability event, returns to the LA Convention Center Saturday November 17 and Sunday, November 18. Los Angeles Green Festival promises to offer a strong sense of community, a diverse and trusted place for learning, and more. The event will feature an organic food court, an environmental film installation presented by the Sierra Club, hands-on DIY workshops, organic vegan and vegetarian cooking demonstrations, an organic beer and wine garden, live music, and a Green Marketplace for all of your holiday shopping needs. The Green Marketplace will showcase products and services from local, regional and national green and sustainable businesses and organizations.