Neuro-fit® Systems Leading the Way in Treatment of Autism

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One Los Angeles-based company is achieving exceptional results from a groundbreaking new protocol developed for the treatment of autism and other mental stressors such as ADD/ADHD, and PTSD to name a few. Additionally, the treatment has proven effective for clients of all ages. Dr. Jim Costello, founder and developer of Neuro-fit Systems explains the key lies in the science of neuroplasticity. Neuroscientists, long believing the brain to be static and immutable after early childhood, now understand the brain can adapt and change both functionally and structurally. “Just as you can build muscles in the gym, neural connections can be fortified through movement to increase the capacity for adaptation within one’s environment,” Costello discloses.

As Costello describes, neuro-development is stage-related, evolutionary and experiential. This development happens during the infant/toddler stage as children learn basic movements such as rolling over, learning to crawl and taking their first steps. If the child is not allowed to continue along this process unimpeded, his or her neurological processes will compensate. This can impact the way in which one perceives the environment around him or her and will impact simple tasks such as catching a ball or sitting still. The Neuro-fit system takes a natural and organic approach designed to recalibrate the brain by applying specific movement sequences to fortify the neural connections. In this way Costello and his team are able to bolster clients’ neurologic efficiency. The protocol lasts 10 to 12 weeks with two 50 to 60 minute sessions each week. 

Costello’s work caught the eye of UCLA’s Early Childhood Partial Hospital Program (ECPHP) when Neuro-fit was profiled on the PBS special, “Graham’s Story.” The two organizations are currently engaged in a research study. UCLA is acting as the sole recruitment site as well as the treatment constant for both study groups. Those results are expected to be released shortly; however, to date five case studies have been conducted by independent physicians. Each case study lasted eight weeks. Neuro-fit achieved significantly higher results in just eight weeks than other programs typically achieve in a one year time period. 
Neuro-fit Systems is located at 2148 Federal Avenue, Suite B, Los Angeles. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 310-473-3097 or visit


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