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Born and raised in Australia by Italian parents, Marina Rose, the founder of the School of DNA Theta Healing in Santa Monica, California, has maintained a life-long interest in the workings of the human mind, body, heart, and soul. Marina Rose has an innate understanding of the law of cause and effect along with quantum physics, and from an early age, a strong belief and trust in her intuition. 

“My mother told me to listen to my intuition and trust my gut instincts only,” explains Rose. “She promoted and instilled this belief in me. She empowered me to be the best that I can be.”

It was her mother’s use of natural herbal remedies and holistic medicine, combined with the shamanic traditions of her native Australia and her Italian bloodline, which inspired Rose to further her studies in holistic healing.
Rose has since earned a Ph.D. in Metaphysics and Motivation, and today is a Theta Healing facilitator, business consultant and teacher, QDNA® Quantum DNA Acceleration® facilitator, business consultant and teacher, polarity therapist and teacher, emotional release therapist and teacher, and somatic systems – body centered psychotherapist and teacher and cranial sacral therapist. 
In 1996, Rose launched a private practice focused on holistic healing. She helps individuals create harmony in the various areas of their lives while healing, incorporating her encyclopedic knowledge of essential oils, homeopathy and supplements. When she discovered Theta Healing, she was amazed by its results. “Theta Healing is based on quantum physics, the law of cause and effect,” she explains. “For every negative belief, for example, there’s a negative effect. Thus our practice is to focus on positive beliefs so we can create positive results. So, in essence, we are responsible for creating our own life, our own reality.” Rose continues, “Being a Buddhist from a Buddhist Sect, which is based on quantum physics and the law of cause and effect for 24 years, Theta Healing® was second nature to me.”
Growing scientific evidence shows that toxic emotions contribute to disease. Doctors and Scientists are becoming more aware that emotions, feelings, thoughts, and the power of beliefs have a direct bearing upon physical health, abundance, relationships, success, and happiness. Theta Healing teaches students and clients to remove these negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and replace them with positive, beneficial ones on four levels: core, genetic, history, and soul. The results create immediate physical and emotional transformational healings.
Rose states “Theta Healing allows individuals to discover what sickness or disease they have, and why they have it, and then allows them to quickly reprogram the unconscious mind to eliminate it.” She continues, “It allows a person to identify deeply held blocks that may be preventing them from moving forward in life. “It simply allows you to make the immediate changes needed in your life to create the life that you would like to have,” states Rose.
In 2007, she opened the School of DNA Theta Healing®, the first of its kind in the world. “I knew that people were hungry for this technology, and I wanted to do for them what was done for me. It can catapult a person’s life in the direction that they want go in a couple of seconds.”
Her school offers all 14 practitioner seminars required for the Practitioner Certification for a Theta Healing® Practitioner, Theta Healing® Master, and Theta Healing® Certificate of Science, ranging from the basic to the most advanced classes. Rose says classes aren’t just for those in the healing arts, but for anyone interested in healing themselves, their loved ones or others. She also offers private healing sessions, and has clients in 58 countries and the U.S.
Devoted to mastering the craft of Theta Healing® Rose has earned a Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®, the highest level of education in Theta Healing®. 
Marina Rose has partnered with the esteemed Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing and together have formed the International Theta Healing Association which governs all Theta Healers worldwide under one umbrella.
Most of all, Rose relishes and trusts in the alchemy of the body, the mind, the soul along with the matters of the heart, and in the physiological, the psychological, the emotional, and in the spiritual. She loves to support and witness the incredible positive transformations of individuals.
“It is extraordinary to have the capacity to empower people and assist them in their journey,” says Rose. “I am constantly in awe of and inspired by my students and clients.”
As Rose takes care of her clients and students, she also takes care of herself. She works out every day by running, lifting weights and doing Pilates. She is also a raw food vegan. Rose works on her own beliefs daily, and so creates the life that she wants.
The School of DNA Theta Healing is located at 2210 Main St., Ste. 300, Santa Monica. For more information, call 310-358-2991, email or visit
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