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Dr. Jim Costello, founder of Neuro-fit Systems, Inc., in Los Angeles, helps people improve communication between mind and body, and vice-versa. He states, “When the central nervous system or neural development is met with inefficiency, it can lead to a myriad of symptoms and challenges.”

Neuro-fit serves a wide variety of individuals, including kids with autism and ADD/ADHD, adults with addiction problems and even athletes that want to maximize performance. Costello explains, “We have seen great improvements in autism and kids with learning challenges. We work with adults with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders and in our newest venture, we’re seeing some incredible results with ataxia [loss of bodily movement control].”

Costello was born in Encino, California, after his family moved from Chicago, and grew up in a blue-collar family. His father worked his way up the ladder in a manufacturing company to become vice president. After work, the two of them would work on projects together. Costello relates, “We were always building things, and I think what I learned from him is the hard work ethic; how to be compassionate, and then always ask why, work toward the why, never stop working at the why, why does this work, why would this happen, the why and the how; so my mind was kind of set up that way.”

He showed an aptitude for science in school. “I fell in love with chemistry and the how and the why of figuring out the formulas and things of that nature,” he says. Halfway through college, Costello met an elderly chiropractor. “This wise old guy introduced me to a more holistic way of life and what the body can do, why it works and how it works from a neurologic perspective, and I thought, you know, that might be an interesting thing to do, so I just jumped in.”
After receiving a diploma from the Cleveland College of Chiropractic – Los Angeles, he practiced for 18 years, and then wrote a book, Presence and Perception: Creating the Energy of Success, a compilation of his insights into the human framework from a neurological perspective and how that framework conveys energy. Costello explains, “Energy can attract or repel or neutralize an individual before a word is spoken, so I looked at areas of the framework that I call “character armoring” and developed a fitness model to get that energy moving.”
The new entrepreneur started working with executives and venture capitalists that were interested in pursuing a more positive outlook. He explored the functions of the brain stem, the midbrain and the limbic system and how those systems manage stress and productivity and the sense of well-being. “I reverse-engineered the brain’s processing systems and figured out where it put a load on the body so that that neurology and physiology would change.”
Costello worked with clients that had kids on the [autism] spectrum. “Is autism epidemic? Well if you look at the statistics, yes, there’s definitely a problem. I said, well, they’re sensory overloaded. If they’re compulsive—we’re born with the same nervous system, right? We are born with a nervous system that is immature,” he explains. “It’s very efficient, but it’s immature, and we have to move in order for the neural structures to grow and develop, so logic tells us if we don’t move through those patterns efficiently, then there’s going to be compensation, and everybody compensates differently.”
The Neuro-fit intervention is grounded in individual mentoring of a series of exercises and activities designed to recalibrate the brain’s neural networks. “I understand that neurology is stage-related—evolutionary, which means that we have to get through one stage to get to the next, and it’s experiential; so if we combine those components we can actually get access into the brain’s processing machinery. That’s where neurogenesis [nerve growth] occurs. We recreate the specific movement sequences and the brain has this beautiful neuroplastic [changeable] property to recalibrate, and that’s how we’re getting the phenomenal results.”
Developmental pediatricians, neurologists and other professionals have been impressed with the work done so far, and Neuro-fit is involved in a double-blind control study with UCLA as the sole recruitment site and treatment constant that will generate more data to move Costello’s research forward.

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Martin Miron is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings.


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