Essio Launches Aromatherapy Shower System

NB_Image_Essio Shower

Essio, a Santa Monica company that creates innovative, natural and sustainable products for the bath and shower, recently announced the launch of an aromatherapy shower system for home use. The product is a unique and patented shower system that uses disposable pods to deliver aromatherapy oils into the shower water, creating a relaxing and revitalizing experience. 

Essio uses only 100 percent USDA-certified organic essential oils sourced sustainably from around the world. They offer a variety of six scented blends — from a lavender-infused Night blend to a eucalyptus-based Breathe blend. Each scent is designed to suit the emotional state of the consumer at the time of use.

“Consumers can now add the ultimate in relaxation to their home shower by incorporating our simple, intuitive aromatherapy treatments,” says CEO and Co-Founder Peter Friis. “Essio transforms the traditional shower into a therapeutic and revitalizing experience that heals the mind and body.”
For more information and to purchase the shower system online, visit Essio’s shower system is currently being rolled out to fine spas throughout the Los Angeles area and across the country.


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