Distribution / Circulation

Natural Awakenings magazine is part of a growing family of locally-owned magazines reaching over 3.6 million readers in more than 80 national markets. By being part of a larger network of magazines, we can provide the latest health and wellness information available through feature articles written by nationally-recognized authors, as well as articles by local experts.
Natural Awakenings Los Angeles is distributed in 400 area locations. We have a monthly distribution of 20,000 and readership of 50,000. If you are a local practitioner and only want to reach people in your immediate community, it’s easy to find a local magazine near you. See how your peers and competitors are making Natural Awakenings work for them and you’ll want to be here too.
There are several ways businesses can benefit from Natural Awakenings. Some of the obvious ways are as a distribution point, an advertiser or even a contributing writer. If your business is located in Los Angeles, California and you are interested in being a distribution point, please contact us.
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