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Bestselling Author Richard Moss to Lead a 10-Day Retreat in Ojai

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Richard Moss, international bestselling author of Inside-Out Healing and the Mandala of Being, will be helping people achieve a state of “Radical Aliveness” in his 10-day Deep Work retreat November 8-17. The retreat will be held at Matilija Canyon Ranch, approximately ten miles from downtown Ojai. 
“To join me in Deep Work means that you want to become the most balanced, awake, alive, and loving person you can be. It means you want your whole life—and most importantly every relationship—to be lived as an expression of your spiritual path,” says Moss. “This means that you want and are willing to do the deep work of seeing and rooting out everything in you that has limited your ability to love and celebrate life.”   

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Rhythm and Joy Festival: A Celebration of Music and Transformation

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Rhythm and Joy Festival, or RAJ 13, will be held Friday, October 4 through Sunday, October 6 at the Hummingbird Ranch Nest Ranch in Simi Valley. The brainchild of Ricki Byars Beckwith, music and art director at Agape International Spiritual Center, RAJ 13 will bring together top performers from an array of genres including urban contemporary, roots, world music, R & B soul, jazz, kirtan, spoken word, dance and yoga.

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Hay House Offers Life-Changing Convention in Pasadena

Hay House’s annual I Can Do It!® Conference will be held November 8-10 at the Pasadena Civic in Pasadena. This one-of-a-kind transformational summit is an opportunity to revitalize the soul, enlighten the mind and spirit, and obtain creative strategies for prospering and thriving in the current world climate. 

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New Venue and Dates for Lightning in a Bottle Festival

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Lightning in a Bottle (LIB), a celebration of art, sustainability, music, performance, and life, is getting a new home and new dates this year. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved the application for Lake Skinner County Park to host The Do LaB’s famed festival, which will run for its eighth year from July 11 to July 15.

According to LIB promoters, Lake Skinner County Park is a hidden gem of Temecula they feel fortunate to have found for their long-term plans. The new site, which sits on a peninsula next to the lake, will expand the capacity of the event to 15,000 participants as well as provide more facilities like full RV hook-ups, while yielding the same natural beauty and open space that made previous festivals so well received.  The new location is also more compact, making the grounds easier to navigate and providing for a more comfortable camping experience.

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Event Spotlight: Wake Up Festival

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Sounds True presents their second annual Wake Up Festival August 14-18 in Estes Park, CO with Pre-Festival Intensives August 12-14.The Wake Up Festival is an opportunity for turbo-charged experiences of initiation, featuring more than 30 presenters over the course of 5 immersive days in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

“What happens when leading spiritual teachers join together with renowned healers, musicians, poets, yogis, dancers – and you – to accelerate personal transformation and spiritual awakening? We are collectively initiated into greater openness, authenticity, and flow,” says Tami Simon, Founder and CEO of Sounds True.

Discover the Power of Tesla Metamorphosis



Anya Petrovic will appear in Los Angeles from April 19 through 28 to give a free introductory presentation and three extensive seminars on the principles of Tesla Metamorphosis. Participants will learn to harnesses the power of the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla, whose most important concepts have been suppressed for 100 years, for the purpose of of healing.
Tesla Waves get stronger with distance, allowing clients to report unprecedented effects on many diseases that are considered incurable in orthodox medicine, even from birth deformities—usually after only three sessions.

Agape’s Revelation Celebrates 20 Years

Image_Mbb speakingWhite jacket purple shirt

Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center, will host Revelation 2013 from Thursday, April 25 through Sunday, April 28. The event, marking the 20th annual Revelation Conference, will be held at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel. The theme of this spring’s conference is “Beyond Beyond and Back.”

 “We’re going to have Doreen Virtue,” relays Beckwith, “the individual who will bring the angels alive for you. We’re going to have James Van Praagh who will open up the portals and actually speak to those who have gone to the other side of the veil and bring powerful messages. We’re going to have don Miguel Ruiz who, as you know from The Four Agreements and his other stellar books, will allow you to go into his Toltec information and to download such wisdom that will be very transformative.” Plus, Beckwith promises surprise guests as well. Entertainment will include, among others, Rickie Byars Beckwith, the Agape International Choir, and Movement of Agape dance ministry. 

Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training Manifests New Session

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Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training (LACSAT) begins a new session in February 2013. LACSAT offers a Bachelors of Science degree in Natural Health Sciences with a concentration in Sacred Arts Training in conjunction with the University of Natural Medicine, located in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Lynn Andrews, who founded LACSAT in 1996, is The New York Times bestselling author of the Medicine Woman book series and a recognized leader spiritual healing and personal empowerment. According to Mardi Quigg, director of the LACSAT, the program was an outgrowth of a four-day seminar Andrews taught in the early to mid-1990s based on her decades of study with Shamanic leaders on three continents, as described in the Medicine Woman book series. It was at this time Andrews realized that a core group of these attendees yearned for more information than could be effectively taught within the scope of a seminar.

I Can Do It!® Brings Empowerment and Inspiration to Southern California

ES_Image_I Can Do It_Louise Hay_Cheryl Richardson

For those searching for the inspiration and guidance needed to face today’s personal, political and financial challenges, look no further than Hay House’s annual I Can Do It! conference October 26-28 at the Pasadena Convention Center. The event will revitalize your soul, enlighten your mind and spirit, and help you obtain creative strategies for prospering and thriving in the current climate. 

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