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A Center for Holistic Health Offers a Variety of Services

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Dr. Adrian Korol, founder of A Center for Holistic Health in Redondo Beach, has been practicing for over 30 years and specializes in a form of chiropractic that is called applied kinesiology. A graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, he is also a qualified Medical Examiner and certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

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Studio Pilates Offers Unique Studio Atmosphere

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Seven years ago Studio Pilates co-owners Katelyn Cox and Mette Hansen were on a mission. After practicing and training in numerous yoga and Pilates studios, they decided they were looking for more. They envisioned a studio, spacious, warm and inviting. To realize their vision they knew they needed to open their own space. Studio Pilates embodies that intention.

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The Healing Center: An Individualized Approach to Healing

BP_Image_Healing Center_Luciana Hardin

Currently in its seventh year of operation, The Healing Center, under the guiding hand of Luciana Hardin, M.T.O.M., L.Ac., C.N. and colleagues Jordan Allen and Mary Hardin, is a full-spectrum healing center aligned to provide treatment customized to the individual needs of its clients. “We endeavor to make this a true community wellness sanctuary by providing a loving, serene and sacred space for our clients to receive effective treatments that reveal and support their wholeness,” states Hardin.

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Setting the Standard for Natural Products


For the past seven years, Axiom Foods, a company hidden in our own backyard, has been quietly developing innovative technologies for the manufacture of plant-based protein ingredients for food manufacturers. Two years ago, they resolved to leverage their expertise in research, technology, quality control and information sharing to develop and launch their own brand of natural products intended to be accessible to all people. Under the Growing Naturals brand, Axiom currently markets organic brown rice protein as well as the industry’s first raw pea protein.

“Our 100 percent plant-based proteins represent a great whey substitute in that they offer all the amino acids without the lactose, allergens, sodium and cholesterol,” explains Kay Abadee, vice president of marketing. “Also, since they are dairy, soy, corn and gluten-free, they are hypoallergenic. And, by using raw proteins, our products boost digestibility and energy production while being a greener food choice. Growing Naturals is all about natural lifestyle products for all people. We take pride that all our products have been and always will be non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and all-natural.”

The Studio (MDR) Builds Community with Innovative Fitness Routines

BP_The Studio MDR_Ky Evans_

The Studio (MDR), founded two years ago by Lisa Hirsch, a music industry refugee turned fitness/nutrition authority, has recently completed an aggressive expansion, doubling its size. Hirsch attributes the gym’s popularity to two main elements. The first is the studio’s sense of community, or as Hirsch relates, “We aren’t creating a gym where people work out and leave; we’re creating a lifestyle, a community.” The second is Kylates, an innovative fitness routine created by their head trainer, Ky Evans. Kylates is Evans’ interpretation of fitness guru Sebastien Lagree’s Lagree Method—a blend of Pilates, cardio and strength training.

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Global Clean Energy

GS_Image_GCE_Ripe Jatropha Fruit_gallery037

Long Beach-based Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc. (GCEH), a bio-feedstock development company, is forging new ground in the development of non-food-based renewable plant oil energy sources. 

Much of the United States’ focus on renewable energy has been on corn- and soybean-based biofuels as a replacement for traditional fossil-based fuels. While in theory these sources lessen dependence on traditional fuels, serious questions remain about the quantity of fossil fuels needed to produce corn-based ethanol and the overall energy balance and sustainability of many first-generation biofuels like soy, palm and animal fats. Moreover, the conversion of food products into fuel comes with unintended consequences. Corn and soy used for biofuels production cuts into total agricultural output resulting not only in higher grain prices at the grocery store, but also in higher cost for animal-based protein (chicken, beef and pork), because corn (and soybeans) are a primary feed for livestock. In the U.S., this may lead to incremental cost increases; however, in the developing world it could result in prolonged poverty and more acute food shortages.

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Nature Woven


Unless you have worked in retail, you wouldn’t immediately think about the large amount of waste generated by retailers to communicate its marketing messages to consumers. If you carefully look around stores, you’ll notice the environment is full of signs and banners attached to walls, windows, encased in backlit fixtures or hung from the ceilings. The majority of that signage is printed on petroleum-based materials. Further, retailers typically swap out their in-store signage every three or four weeks, creating a huge waste of non-sustainable resources.

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South Coast Air Quality Management District


The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is the regional air pollution control agency for all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. This area is home to nearly 17 million people—about half the population of the whole state of California.  It is the second most populated urban area in the United States and one of the smoggiest.

AoSA Image


Hundreds if not thousands of specialty print houses can be found in the greater Los Angeles area. AoSA Image is one that truly stands out from the rest. Sure, they create and print packaging; point of purchase items such as in-store banners and displays; and promotional materials like many other print shops. But the similarities end there. 

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Chocolate Leads to Toothpaste Breakthrough

HB_Photo_Theodent Classic_Natural Toothpaste


Theodent, LLC, a New Orleans-based company, has recently introduced a groundbreaking dentifrice marketed under the Theodent brand. Surprisingly, chocolate has played a prominent role. CEO and then-doctoral candidate in bioinformatics at Tulane University, Dr. Arman Sadeghpour, found that theobromine (marketed by the company under the Rennou™ name), an extract of cocoa that is very similar in structure to caffeine, outperforms fluoride in building healthier teeth. The American Dental
Association Foundation has independently confirmed that Rennou protects human enamel better than fluoride. 

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