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derma e® Debuts New Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Line

Youngblood Beauty
derma e, the pioneer of vitamin-rich, high-performance antioxidant skincare products, announced the launch of their new Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Bodycare line which includes Therapy Body Balm, Therapy Body Lotion, and Intensive Therapy Hand Crème. 
“Vitamin E has always been the backbone of the derma e skincare brand,” said Dr. Linda Miles, vice president and chief formulator for derma e. “Almost 30 years later, it’s wonderful to discover even more benefits that topically applied Vitamin E can provide.” 

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Bestselling Author Richard Moss to Lead a 10-Day Retreat in Ojai

ES_Image_Richard Moss_Full Sitting Hi Res
Richard Moss, international bestselling author of Inside-Out Healing and the Mandala of Being, will be helping people achieve a state of “Radical Aliveness” in his 10-day Deep Work retreat November 8-17. The retreat will be held at Matilija Canyon Ranch, approximately ten miles from downtown Ojai. 
“To join me in Deep Work means that you want to become the most balanced, awake, alive, and loving person you can be. It means you want your whole life—and most importantly every relationship—to be lived as an expression of your spiritual path,” says Moss. “This means that you want and are willing to do the deep work of seeing and rooting out everything in you that has limited your ability to love and celebrate life.”   

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Rhythm and Joy Festival: A Celebration of Music and Transformation

ES_Image_RAJ Fest_Arielle_3
Rhythm and Joy Festival, or RAJ 13, will be held Friday, October 4 through Sunday, October 6 at the Hummingbird Ranch Nest Ranch in Simi Valley. The brainchild of Ricki Byars Beckwith, music and art director at Agape International Spiritual Center, RAJ 13 will bring together top performers from an array of genres including urban contemporary, roots, world music, R & B soul, jazz, kirtan, spoken word, dance and yoga.

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Hay House Offers Life-Changing Convention in Pasadena

Hay House’s annual I Can Do It!® Conference will be held November 8-10 at the Pasadena Civic in Pasadena. This one-of-a-kind transformational summit is an opportunity to revitalize the soul, enlighten the mind and spirit, and obtain creative strategies for prospering and thriving in the current world climate. 

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Sugar Monster: How Sweet It Isn’t

by Kathleen Barnes
“Am I a sugar addict?” There’s an easy way to tell. 
“If you have to ask yourself, you are,” advises Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a renowned integrative physician in Kona, Hawaii, and author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now!
The dangers of excessive sugar consumption, especially of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), are well known. Yet such cheap corn-based sweeteners account for nearly 56 percent of all sweeteners, especially in beverages. 

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Honoring Our Life Force: Energy Medicine Helps Restore Balance and Harmony

LOC_Image_Reconnection_Eric Pearl HS
By Linda Sechrist
In William James’s famous hypothesis, “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous, and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.” In the field of energy medicine, the experiences of pioneers such as medical intuitives Caroline Myss and Donna Eden, natural healer Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat and Doctor of Chiropractic Eric Pearl validate James’s postulate.
Initially disregarded by allopathic medicine, the energy medicine these healers practice operates on the belief that changes in the “life force” of the body can affect human health and healing. The modality has to do with energy pathways, or meridians, that run through our organs and muscles. The idea is to uncover the root causes of imbalances and harmonize them at an energetic level before they completely solidify in the physical body and manifest as an illness. Such imbalances may be brought on by such things as emotional stress and physical trauma.

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Whole-Being Workouts: Moving the Body Opens the Door to Spirit

by Lisa Marshall
It’s the Sabbath, a day of prayer, and millions of people across America are quietly sitting or kneeling, humbly communing with a power greater than themselves.
But inside the Alchemy of Movement studio in Boulder, Colorado, the Soul Sweat faithful are connecting with their higher power in a different fashion. In bare feet, and wearing yoga pants and tank tops, they find a place before a wall-to-wall mirror while a slow Afro-Brazilian rhythm vibrates the wooden floor.

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School of DNA Theta Healing® Offers Manifesting & Abundance Seminar

NB_Image_Theta Healing_Marina Rose__Flower Blouse_0675 PS copy
Marina Rose, founder of School of DNA Theta Healing® announces they will be offering a September class of their “Manifesting & Abundance Theta Healing Seminar.” It will be held at their Santa Monica location on Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22.
"The movie The Secret was so wonderful because it revealed the law of attraction to the masses that they could manifest,” explains Rose. “However, the movie does have information gaps in it. When I teach the seminar, I cover those gaps and break it down so students can realize tangible results in their manifestations.”
The School of DNA Theta Healing offers all 14 Seminar Modules required for the attainment of the Practitioner Certification of Theta Healing. The Basic seminar is their most popular module and is offered on a regular basis. According to Rose, “The Basic Theta Healing Seminar is about learning the technique while learning how to heal yourself and others. The next sequential module is Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar, and it is about cultivating a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the modality and the limitlessness of it, while learning more applications of it. Both of these seminars are prerequisites for the Manifesting & Abundance Theta Healing Seminar.”
The School of DNA Theta Healing is located at 2210 Main St., Ste. 300, Santa Monica. For more information, call 310-358-2991, email or visit

Health Rules: Crazy, Sexy, Savvy, Yummy

by Judith Fertig
In summer, when many fruits, herbs and vegetables are at their peak, it makes sense to harness their power for the family’s benefit. “Some people flock to plant-empowered living for better health, others because of their spiritual beliefs, to support animal welfare, respect the environment or, best of all, because it tastes great,” says wellness activist Kris Carr, a documentary filmmaker, New York Times bestselling author and the educational force behind  
Carr joined the wellness revolution after being diagnosed with a rare disease. It proved to be the incentive she needed to change her eating habits and find renewed power and energy. Her new book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, with recipes by Chef Chad Sarno, celebrates the colors, flavors and powers of plants that nourish us at the cellular level.

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New Products Have Florame Smelling Sweet

Florame, based in Provence, France and best known for its high quality essential oils, has recently launched two unique and proprietary diffusers that are now getting attention in the U.S. Essential oils have long been recognized for their energizing and healing properties, and the use of diffusers represents a great method to disperse the oils without diminishing their effectiveness. 

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