Alternative Healthcare Facility Opens in Carson

NB_Image_Heal thyself_Alina Estrada

Barry Evans and Alina Estrada recently launched Heal-Thyself Alternative Healthcare operating out of eCosway at Southbay Pavilion Mall. Evans and Estrada are Certified Natural Health Professionals specializing in alternative health care techniques such as bio-feedback health analysis, colon hydrotherapy, foot detox, weight loss, and ear coning. 

Estrada describes the genesis for their endeavor stating, “After attending many seminars and health expos together, we soon became displeased with the deficiency of health education that the neighboring communities were receiving… so an idea emerged; our passion for health and love for others assembled, and our venture to reach out to the masses became the mission statement of our endeavors, namely ‘Educating Families & Bridging the Gap to their Success.’ We will accomplish this by introducing to communities our knowledge and resources by way of affordable seminars, business mixers, affordable books and alternative health workshops.”

Heal-Thyself is located within eCosway at the Southbay Pavilion, 20700 Avalon Blvd., Suite 355, Carson. For more information, Evans can be reached at 310-714-6544 and Estrada can be reached at 562- 313-1190.
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