Affirmats Inspire Yoga Practice


Affirmats, a Los Angeles-based creator of innovative yoga mats, are now available for purchase at select area retailers and online at While envisioning Affirmats, founder Jason Graham, along with fellow co-owner Aleeza Solowitz, wanted to combine the spirit of affirmative yogic practice with a fun contemporary design and innovative, environmentally- conscious materials. 

“Each mat is made with Jute fiber and eco-PVC, which creates a non-slip surface for all of your awesome poses and a tenacious base that grips the floor and grounds your practice,” said Solowitz. “The mats come in three cool colors with three accompanying affirmations: I AM WONDERFULLY MADE; LOOK HOW PRETTY YOU ARE; and I AM HEALTHY, I AM WEALTHY, I AM LOVE. We believe you should have fun playing yoga. Our mats are made to make you happy and to inspire a smile on the inside, even when that down dog split is that last thing you want to be doing.”

Besides being offered online, Affirmats can be found at area retailers including: Niky’s Sports, Golden Bridge Yoga, The Beach Vault (at Shore Hotel), A Divine H2O and Grace & Joy.  
For more information or to purchase Affirmats, visit


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