Articles from: April 2013

Finding the How and Why in Everything


Dr. Jim Costello, founder of Neuro-fit Systems, Inc., in Los Angeles, helps people improve communication between mind and body, and vice-versa. He states, “When the central nervous system or neural development is met with inefficiency, it can lead to a myriad of symptoms and challenges.”

Neuro-fit serves a wide variety of individuals, including kids with autism and ADD/ADHD, adults with addiction problems and even athletes that want to maximize performance. Costello explains, “We have seen great improvements in autism and kids with learning challenges. We work with adults with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders and in our newest venture, we’re seeing some incredible results with ataxia [loss of bodily movement control].”

Thrifty Threads: Levi’s Latest Sustainable Moves


World record holder and Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt will soon model Puma boots that are “made for rotting,” and when the next Levi’s collection arrives, their new jingle will be, “These jeans are made of garbage.” Crushed brown and green half-liter plastic bottles will be on display at retail store displays, of which the equivalent of eight, or 20 percent, are blended into each pair of Waste<Less jeans.

Nike and Gap have their own sustainability programs, and Patagonia has long supported a small ecosystem of Earth-friendly suppliers. But as the biggest maker of jeans in the world, with sales of $4.8 billion in 2011, Levi Strauss’ efforts command the most attention

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Turmeric Acts Against Cancer

Throughout history, the spice turmeric has been a favored seasoning for curries and other Indian dishes. Its pungent flavor is also known to offer medicinal qualities—turmeric has been used for centuries to treat osteoarthritis and other illnesses because its active ingredient, curcumin, can inhibit inflammation.

A new study led by a research team at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, in Munich, Germany, has shown that turmeric can also restrict the formation of metastases and help keep prostate cancer in check. The researchers discovered that curcumin decreases the expression of two pro-inflammatory proteins associated with tumor cells and noted that both prostate and breast cancer are linked to inflammation. The study further noted that curcumin is, in principle, suitable for both prophylactic use (primary prevention) and for the suppression of metastases in cases where an established tumor is already present (secondary prevention).

A Diet for Healthy Bones


Age-related bone mass loss and decreased bone strength affect both genders. Now, the first randomized study, published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, indicates that consuming a Mediterranean diet enriched with olive oil may be associated with increased serum levels of osteocalcin, a protein that plays a vital role in bone formation. Earlier studies have shown that the incidence of osteoporosis in Europe is lower in the Mediterranean basin, possibly due to the traditional Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables, olives and olive oil.


How Does Your Garden Glow?


Gardening can be a healthy pastime… as long as toxic tools aren’t involved. Researchers at the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Ecology Center recently tested nearly 200 garden essentials—especially hoses, hand tools, gloves and knee pads—for chemicals and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, phthalates and BPA, that are linked to birth defects, hormone imbalances, learning delays and other serious health problems. The researchers found that nearly two-thirds of the tested products contained chemical levels of high concern.

Cautious gardeners should seek products that are PVC- and lead-free and follow good garden hose hygiene: Avoid drinking out of the hose, don’t leave it exposed to the sun (by which water within the hose can absorb chemicals) and always flush it out before watering edible plants.

A Bus Pass to Green Well-Being

green bus

There’s a way to simultaneously help both Planet Earth and one’s own health, report scientists from Imperial College London, in England. The researchers examined four years of data from the country’s Department for Transport National Travel Survey beginning in 2005, the year before free bus passes were available for people ages 60 and older. The study team found that those with a pass are more likely to walk frequently and take more journeys by “active travel”—defined as walking, cycling or using public transport.

Going Electric: Tech Advances May Drive Eco-Transportation Mainstream


With the opening of three new Supercharger stations for its luxury Model S on the East Coast last January, electric carmaker Tesla now operates a total of nine stations serving its electric sedan owners between San Francisco and Los Angeles and between Boston and Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, Nissan announced plans to add 500 public stations for electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging, which provide 80 percent of a charge in less than 30 minutes, tripling the number of such stations by mid-2014, including the first ones in our nation’s capital. It also aims to increase the presence of charging stations at workplaces. 

Picture Perfect: From athletes to astronauts, mental imagery boosts performance.

Sporty woman

Last winter, Terry Chiplin went for an early morning run near his Colorado home. Snow crunched as his sneakered feet hit the front porch of his mountain lodge, tucked into a secluded forest. Evergreen boughs glistened in the sun, drooping slightly from the weight of the sparkling white powder. The running coach smiled as he lifted his face to the sky, welcoming the large, wet flakes that kissed his face.

“Can you picture it?” asks the bubbly British native and owner of Active at Altitude, in Estes Park. That is visualization, he explains, a concept he uses regularly at retreats he conducts for runners from beginner to elite as a holistic means of boosting performance. “It’s simply a succession of mental images; we use visualization all the time.”

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The Next Level: Education for a More Sustainable World


As co-founder and President of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE), Weil has spent most of her adult life researching the answer. Her conclusion is that the U.S. Department of Education’s present goal of preparing graduates to “compete in the global economy” is far too myopic for our times.

Weil’s firsthand research, which grounds her book, The Power and Promise of Humane Education, has led her to forward the idea that the goal of schooling should inspire generations of “solutionaries”, young people prepared to joyfully and enthusiastically meet the challenges of the world problems they face upon graduation.

Event Spotlight: Wake Up Festival

ES_Image_WakeUp Fest

Sounds True presents their second annual Wake Up Festival August 14-18 in Estes Park, CO with Pre-Festival Intensives August 12-14.The Wake Up Festival is an opportunity for turbo-charged experiences of initiation, featuring more than 30 presenters over the course of 5 immersive days in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

“What happens when leading spiritual teachers join together with renowned healers, musicians, poets, yogis, dancers – and you – to accelerate personal transformation and spiritual awakening? We are collectively initiated into greater openness, authenticity, and flow,” says Tami Simon, Founder and CEO of Sounds True.